SService Department:
(303) 630 1790
PParts Department:
(303) 630 1791
TTools Department:
(303) 630 1792 



Mon-Fri 7:30AM - 5:00PM MST

Main Phone: (303) 447 1130


  Our team of engineers, service technicians and software experts provide permanent production support. They contribute to the process, change, improve, and continuously implement new ideas. This quality controlling facilitates recognizing errors before they even happen. Our KAPP and NILES service personnel respond quickly.  Experts of our service task force in Coburg (Germany), Boulder (USA), Diadema (Brazil) and JiaShan (China) focus on recognizing errors, finding solutions and remedying problems. Regardless where the problem in the world occurs, we send one of our experts with the proper spare part. Customer service for us means immediate response!


  • remote diagnostics, remote operating and data transfer via modem
  • 24 h response time within North America
  • on-call service
  • service hotline: (303) 630 1790
  • technology training
  • preventive maintenance contracts
  • maintenance training (electrical and mechanical)


Large Inventory of Common Spare Parts

With $2 Million in Spare Parts inventory, chances are we will have the part you need.  Kapp Technologies stocks only the highest quality OEM parts; we also warranty every part we sell to be free of defect.

Catalog Spares

In more uncommon situations we also have a direct relationship with our parent company as well as the various vendors that make every single part of our machines.  If you need a part, we can get it for you at a competitive price.

Parts Packages

Order a common spares parts package; be prepared and receive a discount at the same time!  Contact us for details about your specific machine.


Our staff in the Parts Department is well versed and knowledgeable about our machines.  In almost any circumstance they can assist you in finding the exact part you might need.

Phone/Internet Application Support

Phone/Internet Application Support

  • o Free phone and email support from Boulder and Germany as needed
  • o Calculations for grinding technology at no charge
  • o Skype video training/support from Boulder
Sometimes all that is needed is a quick tip or bit of advice. Kapp Technologies service engineers are standing by to answer your brief questions Free of Charge. Simply pick up the phone or shoot us an email. We can even remotely log into your machine or teleconference via Skype.
Onsite Application Support

Onsite Application Support

  • o Generally available 24hr response time in cases of urgency
  • o Application Engineering visits quarterly on pre-arranged basis or as a courtesy when in the area
  • o Specific proficiency visits at normal service rates
  • o Preventative Maintenance Plans
Preventative Maintenance is always a wise investment. But when larger problems present themselves, or maybe direct operator training is required; our technicians are available to arrive on-site to handle any challenge or present solutions.
Boulder Application Support

Boulder Application Support

  • o Rocky Mountain Gear Finishing School
  • o Customer specific training in Boulder
We also offer training and education at our facility in Boulder, Colorado. Whether it's a custom individualized course, or our annual Gear School; participants receive information directly from the creators of the technology.